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One Way!® is an orientation program that covers safety orientation for all participating Williston and Permian Basin producers. This will eliminate the need for contractors to sit through hours of orientations at every site where they work.  Simplifying what contractors need to learn will also lead to a better understanding of the rules and guidelines at all sites, safer work practices, and fewer injuries.  By consolidating these individual programs into one program delivering approximately fifty prominent safety topics, the ONE BASIN One Way! program will deliver a robust safety orientation while concentrating on improving the overall industry safety record.

Many producers require contractors to attend company developed orientation every year. In 2018, an estimated 32,000 contractors attended orientations for the 28 producers who hired them. Many contractors sat through the same information 4-8 times during the year. By standardizing the orientation curriculum across the Basin, contractors only have to sit though one orientation which means they save manhours.

ONE BASIN- One Way! Course Outline



The Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners (PBAP) provides an opportunity for "peer-to-peer" networking for men and women involved in the pipeline and oil and gas-related industries. Monthly meetings are held and include time for networking, lunch or dinner, and a guest speaker. Topics range from safety and technical issues important to the industry, governmental affairs, and academia's efforts to prepare the next generation of teammates toward a career in the oil and gas industry. 

A primary goal of the Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners is to provide scholarships to students who are pursuing a degree in STEM (science, technologyengineering, math) and students who are pursuing an applied technology associate degree or certificate in an industry-related field.


The mission of SafetyTech is to help ensure that all team members return home safely every day. SafetyTech provides companies with innovative products, services, safety training and best practices designed to help create a safety culture throughout the organization. This enables businesses to protect their workers, their brand, their physical assets, and their bottom line from the far-reaching effects of accidents.


Diamond B developed a software platform called ProCertX which was built specifically for the training and certification challenges subcontractors and producers face. ProCertX, a value-added solution that is scalable, modern, and cloud-based was chosen as the One Basin, One Way!® training and certification platform.

ProCertX centralizes the management, tracking, and verification of employee training, credentials, and certificates. In addition to ensuring individuals are current with necessary training and certification, ProCertX allows you to consolidate participant profiles and certificates, replace paper certificates and hard hat stickers with a single program ID badge (smart card), save time with instant virtual issuance of earned certificates, immediately verify work site access authorization, quickly identify the right workers and subcontractors for a job, reduce risk/exposure by increasing safety compliance, pro-actively receive notification of required re-certification or training, efficiently forecast and schedule required training and gain real-time visibility of training and certification program compliance.


Thank you to the North Dakota Safety First Partners for their commitment and support in creating a safer work space for all. 


PBAP is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(6) organization that is non-political in character, but may cooperate in civic enterprises.

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